Call for Abstracts

Abstracts were due Friday, June 19 at 5:00 pm PT.

Late submissions are still being accepted through the online survey, and may be considered depending on availability of remaining speaker spots within the program.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a panel or an individual presentation, please review the Call for Abstracts for guidelines and to submit. We're looking for dynamic, engaging speakers with a compelling story to tell, and ideas for panels and presentations that are timely, unique, and informative. Some sessions are discussion-oriented while others feature presentations. We'd like presentations to be about 10 minutes, and feature new data or ideas, consideration of important issues, and most importantly, fresh and informed thinking about where renewable energy markets are headed.

Organizations Using Renewable Energy

What renewable energy buyers and users need and how they obtain it. Case studies of internal/external messaging and how to communicate your environmental commitment to customers of your products and services.

  • Municipal and Institutional Purchasing
    Renewable energy for cities, towns and metropolitan areas. Discussion of unique programs and challenges across the U.S.
  • Federal and Public Renewable Energy Procurement
    Federal procurement of renewables is quickly becoming one of the largest demand centers for renewable energy. Find out the requirements and options for your organization to get involved in this exciting opportunity.
  • International Purchasing and Sustainability Goals
    What are best practices in purchasing renewable energy (RE) beyond the U.S. and Canada? What are the different instruments, greenhouse gas (GHG) claims, challenges and opportunities? What demand is there? How can you use RE to meet your sustainability goals? Learn about programs and initiatives, including GHG accounting, LEED certification, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and others.
  • Purchaser Leadership Panel
    Hear from a panel of featured industry leaders in renewable energy about their unique programs and approaches.
  • Renewables in the Tech Sector
    The tech sector has seen unprecedented growth, and with it increased energy consumption. How is the industry incorporating renewable energy and reducing GHG emissions? Who are the leaders?
  • Supply Chain Opportunities
    Explore renewable energy throughout your supply chain and hear examples of programs addressing overseas operations, electric transportation, printing/paper and other topics. Learn about standards, benefits, and programs to put your business ahead of the competition.
  • Hey, that’s my REC!
    Everything end users need to know about Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) ownership and double claims.  This introductory workshop/panel will also help purchasers navigate the varied policy and regulatory landscape for renewable energy programs and claims best practices.

Project Development

The role of renewable energy project development in the voluntary market: opportunities and strategies.

  • Direct Purchasing and PPAs
    Large companies are evaluating opportunities for sourcing directly from renewable energy generators with long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  This panel will provide first-hand examples from both purchasers and suppliers on the benefits and challenges of this procurement option. Panelists will provide recommendations on how to put together internal teams, reduce transaction time, and secure buy-in for long term agreements.
  • Impact Purchasing
    How does your clean-energy spending make a difference?  Buyers continue to look for ways to increase the impact of their renewable energy spend.  This panel will look at a variety of purchasing options—direct procurement, long-term PPAs, project ownership, project investment, unbundled RECs—along with other criteria like technology and location. 
  • Project Developer Showcase
    This forum will highlight a variety of different projects and project developers, allowing for buyers to identify new procurement opportunities.
  • Community Solar and Solar Shares Programs
    Community-shared renewables programs are an effective way to reach and involve customers who wish to go beyond the traditional green pricing program approach most often offered by utilities.  What challenges are commonly faced when formulating a new community solar or solar shares program?  How can utilities effectively engage with solar providers to maintain high quality program for their customers? How do utilities distinguish multiple voluntary offerings, and how do they promote solar programs? This panel will focus on success stories, financing issues, implementing programs in deregulated energy markets, claims, marketing, and innovations in community solar.
  • Technology Lightning Round
    This panel will provide representatives from various technology sectors (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, etc.) to give a 5–10 min run through of new developments, pricing and market trends, advantages of technology, and policy trends.

Marketing Renewable Energy

New information about market trends, customer perceptions of clean energy, sustainability, and climate change strategies. Best practices for marketing and messaging to increase sales.

  • Steal These Ideas: Marketing Success Stories
    Hear stories about big green power marketing wins, deconstructed. Panelists be asked to share their story from inspiration, development, and final outcome. Bonus points for speakers that identify roadblocks and the decisionmaking that moved the project forward.
  • Understanding and Targeting Customers (Tools and Data)
    Tools for identifying, attracting, and acquiring the next tier of customers. Learn about how providers use data-research and cutting-edge strategies to increase product sales.  
  • Marketing to Protect the Consumer
    This panel highlights the importance of accurate marketing to prevent customer confusion and greenwashing. A discussion of current consumer protection practices in the market, and the outlook for the future.
  • Competitive Electricity Providers: Keep the Customer and Keep Them Happy
    From sourcing to marketing, competition is fierce in deregulated markets. This panel will highlight the challenges that are unique to renewable energy products in markets where the consumer can choose from many providers.  Case studies will discuss ways that competitive suppliers have grown their renewable energy programs by shaping their messaging according to regional culture, strategic public relations, customer rewards programs, and other methods to keep customers happy.

Policy And Legal Issues

Focus on how regulatory policy and pending legislation at state and federal levels will influence direction and growth of markets and investments. Legal issues impacting markets.

  • The Future of Renewable Portfolio Standards and REC Markets
    What states are watering down their requirements and what states are ratcheting them up? Are there opportunities to expand renewable mandates/goals beyond renewable portfolio standards, such as 111(d), community renewables, others?  What is the opportunity for technologies like storage, electric vehicles (EVs) and solar heating and cooling to contribute?
  • Communicating the Value and Impact of RECs
    Learn about policy and market challenges facing the voluntary and compliance markets, and tactics to support and communicate market integrity and impact.
  • Renewable Energy and the EPA's Clean Power Plan
    This session will address the role of renewable energy in reducing emissions from the power sector under the Clean Power Plan. Topics include tracking emissions reductions from renewable energy, avoiding double counting, and the role of RECs and tracking systems, along with calculating and accounting for emissions reductions, renewable energy policies and strategies, managing interstate trading issues, enhancing tracking and reporting infrastructure to help states, the anticipated impact on renewable energy development, and interactions with existing compliance and voluntary RE markets.

Markets And Trading

Regional market spotlights. New platforms and practices, exchanges, auctions, brokerages and tracking systems.

  • Tracking System Forum
    An interactive, issue-oriented discussion of hot topics for tracking systems. Panelists and attendees will break out into groups to discuss topics that may include imports and exports, tracking environmental attributes, all-generation tracking, the impact of 111(d) on tracking systems, and more.
  • Distributed Generation in the Voluntary and Compliance Markets
    Varying ownership/finance structures, challenges/opportunities for compliance/tracking infrastructure, etc.
  • Regional Renewable Energy Markets
    Market sizes, volumes, liquidity, pricing, and forecasts (Mid-Atlantic, West, Midwest, etc.)
  • Emerging and Existing Trading Platforms
    Review of existing and new emerging trading platforms? How do they differ? What do they offer? Advantages and disadvantages? How can we expect them to affect market activity?

Bundled Electricity Products

Focus on case studies of successful marketing efforts for green pricing programs and competitive electricity products, utility outreach, and clean resource procurement. Identifying the interactions between compliance programs (e.g. RPS/efficiency mandates with voluntary programs).

  • Utility Program Design: Pros and Cons of Different Strategies
    Inspired by short presentations that outline renewable energy program design, attendees will sit in small groups to share perspectives on different green power utility models and program strategies. Attendees will share their thoughts on outsourcing your program versus developing and running the program in-house, traditional vs. alternative methods for growing a customer base, choosing to target a new group of customers, effective marketing strategies, regulatory compliance and communication, interaction between voluntary programs and Renewable Portfolio Standards, and more.
  • New Renewable Energy Products and Procurement Options for Business Customers
    How do we continue to make renewable energy appealing and competitive for business customers? What new strategies are utilities and competitive suppliers taking to increase corporate purchasing? Topics will include: new utility green tariffs, offerings customized to large purchasers, overcoming regulatory barriers, the value of the Virtual Power Purchase Agreement, and communicating value to business customers.
  • Policy and Laws Encouraging Green Options for Utilities and Communities
    Learn how states are enabling and in some cases requiring utilities and communities of different types to offer green power in new ways.  Hundreds of communities are now able to take part in community choice aggregation (CCA), also known as municipal aggregation.  Utilities are also increasingly allowed to experiment with new green power program models, or required to offer them, including community renewable programs.
  • Lessons Learned from the Past 20 Years of Utility Renewable Energy Programs
    This session will look at how utility renewable energy offerings have evolved, and what important lessons from the past that are relevant today. The discussion will highlight new practices that add value to renewable energy programs and counteract modern-day obstacles faced by utilities.