Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts has now ended but if you wish, you may still submit using the button below. We appreciate your interest and effort, although we cannot guarantee consideration by the committee.

Renewable Energy Markets 2017 is seeking abstracts for panel sessions that are timely, unique, and informative. Sessions should be as discussion-oriented as possible, although some will need to feature presentations. We'd like sessions to feature new data or ideas, consideration of important issues, and most importantly, fresh and informed thinking about where renewable energy markets are headed. We're looking for dynamic, engaging speakers with a compelling story to tell.

Here are the program tracks that we'd like to cover this year, and example session themes. You will be asked to select which of the topic areas best fits your proposed presentation’s theme, and then briefly describe the session/panel idea in 300 or fewer words. (Submissions exceeding this limit may not be considered.) Abstracts were due by May 16, 2017 @ 5pm PST.

To complete the survey you will need the following:

  • Speaker’s contact information, biography (100 words or fewer) and photograph
  • Topic area that best fits abstract submission
  • Abstract title and brief summary (300 words or fewer)
  • Ideas for a moderator
  • Other suggestions for speakers/organizations to involve on this panel

Presentation and panel themes are sought under these topic areas:


How corporate and institutional renewable energy purchasers are leading the way in the market.
For Example:
  • Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement
  • City and State Government Renewable Energy Procurement
  • Renewable Energy in the Tech Sector
  • Innovative Corporate Engagements/Partnerships
  • Onsite Renewable Energy Installations
  • Renewable Energy in the Supply Chain
  • Corporate Engagement in Renewable Energy Market Development
  • The Role of Corporations in Global Climate Policy and Negotiations


The role of direct procurement and renewable energy project development in the voluntary market; opportunities and strategies. Financial models and innovations.
For Example:
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Financing Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement
  • Solar for Commercial and Industrial Customers
  • Beyond the Deal: for example certification and risk reduction


How regulatory policy and pending legislation at state, federal and local levels will influence the direction and growth of renewable energy markets and investments; any legal issues impacting markets; changes to guidance and voluntary standards that could impact market activity.
For Example:
  • State RPS Updates
  • Solar Policies (Net Metering, Value of Solar, etc.)
  • Spotlight on New York Energy Policies
  • Changes to state carbon policies affecting voluntary and corporate renewable energy


    Issues faced by providers of renewable energy. Sessions will address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each of these provider categories: utility programs & products, community choice aggregation, competitive electricity and REC suppliers, and developer-led community renewables.
    For Example:
    • Marketing Renewable Energy & REC programs
    • Community Solar (utility-led and developer-led)
    • Community Choice Aggregation
    • Utility Programs for Corporations
    • Residential Programs
    • Competitive Electricity Suppliers
    • City Engagement with Renewable Energy
    • Innovative Utility Products and Programs


    Green power procurement outside of North America.
    For Example:
    • International Renewable Energy Markets and Market Development
    • International Corporate Renewable Energy Purchasing Goals
    • Country Spotlight(s)


    Data and trends on regional and technology-specific renewable energy markets. New platforms and practices, exchanges, auctions, brokerages, and tracking systems.
    For Example:
    • Spotlight on New York and the Northeast Power Markets
    • Regional Voluntary and Compliance Markets
    • Renewable Energy Tracking Systems
    • Solar Market Trends
    • Trader and Broker Data and Outlooks
    • Blockchain uses in the Energy sector