REM would not happen without the help of industry experts focused on renewable energy and carbon markets. The following committee members helped organize the conference and the numerous presentations, panels, and side events that happen during REM. Our thanks to all of them.

Program Planning Committees

Community & Residential

  • Ben Foster, fostera

  • Josh Halley, PGE

  • Jenny Heeter, NREL

  • Heather Mulligan, Puget Sound Energy

Corporate & Institutional Renewable Energy Procurement

  • Morgan Justice-Black, SDG&E

  • Melissa Klein, U.S. EPA

  • Peter Mostow, WSGR

  • Dan Sobrinski, WSP


Market Growth & Trends

  • Sarah Busch, Strategen

  • Scott Eidson, 3Degrees

  • Steven Eisenberg, SRECTrade

  • Tanya Peacock, SoCalGas

Renewable Energy Policy

  • Jeff Deyette, Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Risa Edelman, U.S. EPA

  • Maya Kelty, 3Degrees

  • Caitlin Marquis, Advanced Energy Economy

Organizing Committee

  • James Critchfield, U.S. EPA

  • Chris Kent, U.S. EPA

  • Jennifer Martin, CRS

  • Verena Radulovic, U.S. EPA

  • Marcia Sitcoske, CRS

  • Jeff Swenerton, CRS

  • Rachael Terada, CRS

  • Chip Wood, CRS