Green-e creates product for federal buildings

by Stephanie Tsao
Argus Media

21 Oct 2015 09:00 (-05:00 GMT)

Washington, 21 October (Argus) — The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) has launched a new product that power companies can use when selling renewable power to federal agencies or departments.

The Green-e Energy Federal products option certifies that renewable energy sold to federal agencies meets requirements set by an executive order that President Barack Obama issued this year requiring his administration to use more renewable energy and improve the energy efficiency of federal buildings. Agencies can meet the order's targets in a number of ways, including by using more renewable generation directly or by buying renewable energy certificates.

The new product requires energy retailers to report generation by fiscal quarter, instead of annually as with other Green-e certified products. The federal option would cover electricity generated in the 10 years prior to a reporting year.

The center unveiled the new federal product this week at the Renewable Energy Markets Association Conference, which it hosted this week in Arlington, Virginia.

The federal product takes "much of the guess work out of the procurement process, giving government buyers a clear path to meeting their renewable energy procurement goals, easing the procurement process, and reducing risk," CRS executive director Jennifer Martin said. 

Obama's executive order requires federal buildings in the US to get 10pc of their energy from renewables in fiscal years 2016 and 2017. The percentage rises by 5pc every two years and hits 30pc/yr in 2025 and after.

The CRS product ensures that the renewable energy purchased by federal agencies meets guidelines from the White House Council of Environmental Quality for meeting Obama's goals. The product also meets consumer protection standards under the Green-e program administered by CRS that verifies renewable energy and carbon reduction claims.


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