New York picks APX to build renewables registry

by Stephanie Tsao
Argus Media

Washington, 21 October (Argus) — New York has contracted with APX to build a renewable energy credit (REC) tracking system for the state.

The system will track power generation attributes including RECs generated by projects qualified to meet the state's renewable targets.

Late last week, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, which administers the state's renewable portfolio standard, selected APX to build and administer the New York Generation Attribute Tracking System. The new system was discussed by a panel at the Renewable Energy Markets 2015 conference held this week in Arlington, Virginia, along with similar tracking systems used in PJM mid-Atlantic states and midcontinent states.

The system would track information about the renewable power produced within or imported into the state along with other types of generation resources. The system would allow for origination, certification, transfers, tracking and retirement of RECs.

The registry would start generating certificates next year and will issue RECs generated as of 1 January 2016. The system will also support import and export transactions with neighboring power regions such as NEPOOL and PJM, APX said.

Registry developer APX has worked on six North American generation information tracking systems. The systems are more prevalent as states and regions which share power distribution systems need to prevent multiple claims and double-counting of renewable power toward state goals. 

The system will help the state track its progress toward its renewable portfolio standard of having 30 percent of its annual power sales this year come from qualified renewables. It will also "enhance New York's renewables voluntary market," the New York authority's president and chief executive John Rhodes said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's (D) 2015 energy plan sets greenhouse gas reduction and energy targets for 2030 including that half of the state's generation come from renewables.

APX and the authority plan stakeholder consultations to seek feedback on designing the system's operating procedures.


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