Reports, whitepapers, one-sheets, videos, podcasts, publications, and presentations for REM 2015 attendees

These links to public documents are provided as informational resources for attendees of Renewable Energy Markets 2015. If you'd like to post something here, just let us know.


Center for Resource Solutions

  1. 2014 Green-e Verification Report. A detailed look at Green-e's 2014 Reporting Year results. [PDF]
  2. Renewable Energy in the EPA Clean Power Plan. Part 1: Introduction to Emission Rate CreditsAn explanation of what the EPA Clean Power Plan says about Emission Rate Credits (ERCs). [PDF]
  3. Renewable Energy in the EPA Clean Power Plan. Part 2: Interactions With and Impacts on RECs and Renewable Energy Markets. How the creation and trading of ERCs may affect renewable energy certificate markets. [PDF]
  4. Welcome to REM 2015. The welcome video played at the opening session. [video]


  1. EnergySage's Solar Marketplace Intel Report. EnergySage's independent solar marketplace collects millions of datapoints, which are aggregated and summarized in the company's new solar Intel report. Learn more and download the inaugural report at [PDF]

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

  1. Status and Trends in the U.S. Voluntary Green Power Market (2014 Data)NREL's annual report on green power markets summarizes status and trends in the voluntary demand for renewable energy. [PDF]

Wiser Capital

  1. 2015 Solar Economy Barometer report. A market analysis of the mid-scale commercial solar market in the United States Northeast. Examining 11 states in the region, the report concludes that there are more than 270,000 commercial buildings that fit the requirements for solar development, making way for more than $67.5 billion in investment opportunities. More information in a blog post about it here. [PDF]