Conference Agenda

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

10:00 AM to
4:00 PM


Tour of Atlantic City Wind Project
Hosted by Community Energy


1:00 PM to
4:00 PM


Pre-Conference Workshop: Green Power 101
Organized by the Center for Resource Solutions


6:00 PM to
8:00 PM


Pre-Conference Reception and Registration



Monday, October 22, 2007

8:30 AM to
10:15 AM


Opening Session and Keynotes
(Session Chair: Jan Hamrin, Center for Resource Solutions)

Welcoming Address
Jan Hamrin "We've arrived! Now what?"

Executive Roundtable on the State of the Green Power Market

  • Brent Alderfer, Community Energy
  • Mel Jones, Sterling Planet
  • Brian Keane, SmartPower
  • Carrie Cullen Hitt, Constellation NewEnergy
  • Rob Harmon, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

10:15 AM to 10:45 AM


Networking Break


10:45 AM to 12:15 PM


The Interplay Between REC and Carbon Markets (1) Policy Issues
(Session Chair: Matt Clouse, EPA)

  • Ed Holt, Ed Holt and Associates, “Current Trends of RECs Consideration in State Carbon Policies”
  • Dan Kalafatas, 3Degrees, “The U.S. Voluntary Carbon Market: Driving Towards a Low-Carbon Economy”
  • Lars Kvale, Center for Resource Solutions, “Selling GHG Reductions: The Importance of Standards and Independent Certification Systems”
  • Alex Perera, World Resources Institute

12:15 PM to
1:30 PM


Group Luncheon


1:30 PM to
3:00 PM

The Interplay Between REC and Carbon Markets (2) Product Development
(Session Chair: Jennifer Martin, CRS)

  • Karl Rábago,The AES Corporation, “Moving Markets to Large Scale: the AES/GE Joint Venture to Develop and Sell GHG Credits”
  • Brenna Zimmer, Green Mountain Energy Company, “Blazing a Trail in the New Carbon Offset Market”
  • Adam Capage, 3Degrees, “Carbon Products: The Next Generation of Green Pricing?
  • Rachel Goldstein, EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program, “LFG: Maximizing the Value of Emissions Credits”

Why Every Utility Should Have a Green Power Program
(Session Chair: Jeff Anthony, American Wind Energy Association)

  • David Bates, Florida Power & Light
  • Patrick Keily, We Energies
  • Joyce Kinnear, Silicon Valley Power
  • Thor Hinkley, Portland General Electric
  • Rhonda Rasmussen, PacifiCorp
  • Kathy Lentini, PECO
  • Alma Evans, Santee Cooper

3:00 PM to
3:30 PM


Networking Break


3:30 PM to
5:00 PM

Increasing RECs Market Liquidity
(Session Chair: John Atcheson, DOE)

  • Lenny Hochschild, Evolution Markets, “Overview of RECs Markets and Prices”
  • Jennifer DeCesaro, Clean Energy States Alliance ,“Working with the States to Address RPS/RECs Issues”
  • Meredith Wingate, Center for Resource Solutions, “Developments in Renewable Certificate Tracking”
  • Reiner Musier, APX Inc., "US REC Markets, Regional Tracking Systems, and GHG Cap and Trade Market Designs: Tightly Linked?"

Selling Solar/Faciliting On-Site Systems
(Session Chair: Kurt Johnson, Recurrent Energy)

  • Jim Burke, SMUD, “Selling Solar Shares”
  • Mark Buckley, Staples
  • Paul Danielsen, MMA Renewable Ventures, “RECs Valuation Issues for Distributed Solar Systems”

5:00 PM to
6:00 PM


Pre-Banquet Reception


6:00 PM to
9:00 PM


Conference Banquet
Presentation of the Seventh Annual Green Power Leadership Awards



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8:30 AM to
10:00 AM


Purchasers' Session
(Session Chair: Blaine Collison, U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership)

  • Rob Schasel, PepsiCo
  • Cecil Scheib, New York University
  • John Fojut, Kohl's
  • Mark Gordon, Macy’s

10:00 AM to
10:30 AM


Networking Break


10:30 AM to
11:00 AM


Keynote Address: Pennsylvania Governor Rendell


11:00 AM to 12:15 PM


Green Power / Carbon Offsets / Sustainability and the Media
(Session Chair: Arthur O’Donnell, The Energy Overseer)

  • Mark Fryburg & Thor Hinckley, Portland General Electric, “Nightmare on Green Street: Under attack by the state's biggest newspaper”
  • Ted Rose, Renewable Choice Energy, “The Hunt for Vaporware: An Autopsy of a Critical Media Report”
  • Matthew Rose, MWW Group, “Building A Sustainable Reputation Beyond The Environmental Issue”
  • Molly Tsongas, SmartPower, “Messaging Climate Change to Build Demand for Clean Energy”
  • Hampton Newsome, Federal Trade Commission


12:15 PM to
1:30 PM


Group Luncheon
Presentation: National Theatre for Children


1:30 PM to
3:00 PM

The Interplay Between Voluntary and Compliance Markets
(Session Chair: Ed Holt, Ed Holt and Associates)

  • Matt Clouse, EPA
  • Jeff Anthony, American Wind Energy AssociationA
  • Lori Bird, National Renewable Energy LaboratoryA
  • David Smith, Babcock & Brown LP, A
  • John Saintcross, NYSERDA

State and Municipal Purchasing Programs/Initiatives
(Session Chair: Anthony Amato, ERG)

  • Michael Vickerman, RENEW Wisconsin, “Anatomy of a State Renewable Energy Purchase”
  • Thomas MacLean, Puget Sound Energy, “Building Green Community Partnerships”
  • Anne Marie McShea, NJ Board of Public Utilities, “New Jersey’s Clean Power Choice Program. A Statewide Program from Design to Implementation”
  • Keri Enright, SmartPower, “SmartPower Community Marketing Toolkit: Developing a Winning Clean Energy Marketing Campaign”
  • Eric Coffman, Montgomery County (MD) Dept. of Environmental Protection, “Case Study: Montgomery County Maryland Efforts to Expand Clean Energy Awareness and Adoption in Government Operations and the Community”

3:00 PM to
3:30 PM


Networking Break


3:30 PM to
5:00 PM

RECs and Project Finance
(Session Chair: Blair Swezey, NREL)

  • Karlynn Cory, NREL, “The Role of REC Purchases in Stimulating New Renewables Development”
  • Nadav Enbar, Energy Insights, “Case Studies in How RECs Help Finance New RE Projects (Utility Examples)”
  • Carrie Cullen Hitt, Constellation NewEnergy, “Linking End Users and Renewable Facilities”
  • Peter Toomey, Community Energy, Inc.
  • Cameron Brooks, Renewable Choice Energy, “Carbon Accounting: Connecting RECs to Project Finance”





Interactive Discussion Forum
(Facilitators: Carrie Harvilla, CRS
& James Critchfield, EPA)

6:00 PM to
9:00 PM


Conference Reception in Independence Visitors Center
Independence National Historical Park



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

8:30 AM to
10:00 AM

Public Opinion and Green Power Marketing
(Session Chair: Jeff Swenerton, CRS)

  • Jim Pierobon, ACORE, “What does consumers' growing interest in health and sustainability mean for renewable energy?”
  • Jim Cabot, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, “Turning the Complexities of the Renewable Energy Market into Competitive Advantage"
  • Helen Brauner, Green Mountain Energy Company, “Lessons Learned from a Decade of Renewable Energy Marketing”
  • Gwynne Rogers, Natural Marketing Institute, “Profiling Today’s Renewable Energy Customer”

Energy Efficiency Credicts
(Session Chair: Jan Hamrin, CRS)

  • Alfredo Forte, Neuwing, “Energy Efficiency Credits, the next REC”?
  • Alden Hathaway, Sterling Planet, "White Tags TM; Pioneering the US Market in Energy Efficiency"
  • Jonathan Edwards, SmartPower, “The Importance of Energy Efficiency to the Clean Energy Market: The Emergence of Energy Efficiency Research”
  • John Kunz, Environmental Resources Trust

10:30 AM to
12:00 PM


Marketing Channels/Creative Marketing/Effective Messaging
(Session Chair: James Critchfield, EPA)

  • Patrick Keily, We Energies, “Direct Mail Campaigns”
  • Meg Denney, Community Energy, Inc., “Creative Marketing Methods and Messaging to Grow Green Power Programs”
  • Brian Keane, SmartPower, “Marketing Clean Energy in a YouTube World”
  • Amanda Mortlock, 3Degrees “Developing Successful Marketing Partnerships with Your Customers”
  • Karen Aboussie, Green Mountain Energy Company, “How to Create Messaging and Advertising That Work”


12:00 PM


Conference Adjourns