EV Fast Charge Station


SMUD Campus Tour

Visit the acclaimed Energy and Technology Center, check out electric vehicles and interactive exhibits on LED and energy-efficiency technology, and tour the full-scale SMUD E-House

Attendees of REM 2014 had a unique (and free) opportunity to tour the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's campus and see first-hand how SMUD is partnering with customers to develop a more sustainable future.

The tour began with an electric vehicle (EV) demonstration featuring some of the latest EVs and a viewing of the DC fast-charge station on the SMUD campus. The station is one of the first fast-charge stations in the U.S. installed by a utility. SMUD provides a special rate, one of the lowest in the state, to make plugging in instead of pumping gas even more affordable. SMUD made its original commitment to EVs in 1989, and has continuously supported electric vehicle technology as they help improve the air quality in the Sacramento region and reduce dependency on oil.

The free tour continued with a walk through the SMUD campus to the Customer Service Center, a LEED Platinum building.  At SMUD’s Energy and Technology Center, attendees had the opportunity to explore interactive exhibits and learn about educational programs offered on topics relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability, and safety.

Tour Schedule

1:00 PM Tour - Buses leave the Hyatt Regency lobby at 12:45 PM 

2:00 PM Tour - Buses leave the Hyatt Regency lobby at 1:45 PM

To Register

The tour is free, the cost is included in the cost of your conference registration. However, advance registration is required due to limited capacity.

Questions? If you have any questions or need help, contact Lucy Harbor at lucy@resource-solutions.org or 415-561-2103.