At its heart, Renewable Energy Markets is a conference about environmental sustainability. Using clean, renewable energy instead of fossil fuels to power our lives is one of the most effective ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. This goes for us too—conferences like REM are extremely resource intensive events, with attendees flying in from around the world, booths shipped, materials printed, and stages lit. But since it was first held in 1996, REM has been focused on minimizing its overall impact.

  • REM Is a Green-e Certified Event. The conference venue's (and hotel's) electricity use is tracked, and Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates are retired to match the load. The event is audited by Green-e staff in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of Green-e certification.

  • Powered by 100% Renewable Energy. The venue's electricity use is matched 100% with Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates.

  • Attendee and Staff Travel Offset. During registration, attendees enter mode and distance for travel to and from the conference. This information is used to retire Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets to offset greenhouse gas emissions from employee and staff travel, and the venue's gas use.

  • Green hotels. We select hotels and suppliers with green policies and practices. This includes a recycling program, mindful water usage, and energy efficiency measures.

  • Waste Reduction. We donate excess materials, including banners and paper, to local nonprofits and educational institutions where possible.

  • Reduced Travel. All of the sessions and workshops at REM are in the same location, minimizing the need for additional transportation. We work hard to make offsite events within walking distance.

  • Less Paper Use. We minimize paper use by printing only the number of agendas we need, and posting presentations online only. We encourage use of the conference web site for information and scheduling, and use web-based invitation and registration apps.

  • Material Reuse. We use recycled materials where possible in banners, signage, and printed materials, and collect name badges and lanyards for re-use the following year.

  • Ban the Bottle. We do not allow single use water bottles at our event and haven’t for many years. We opt for local and seasonal food items often served buffet style to eliminate waste. We coordinate with the hotel to use bulk dispensers for all beverages.

  • Local Support. We support the local economy through our event, and encourage student participation by volunteering.